RE/MAX DFW Associates Mentoring Programs

RE/MAX DFW Associates New Agent Mentoring Programs

RE/MAX DFW Associates offers a one-on-one, individualized Mentoring Program when you join our team of real estate professionals. This program includes a two-hour weekly mentoring class, a Mentor chosen by you, and exposure to a wide variety of support systems RE/MAX DFW Associates has to offer.

Our Mentoring Program is flexible in nature and is usually needed for no more than two to three months with the expectation of completing a minimum of one closing and a pending contract for a buyer and a seller.

Weekly classes answer pertinent questions with discussion and suggestions from everything from processes to obtaining listings, through negotiating contacts, specific services between execution to funding, and buyer representation and service.

Mentors provide individual support by demonstration, observation, and previewing your first contracts. With a Mentor's guidance, you gain the confidence and focus required to succeed in the real estate industry.

RE/MAX DFW Associates Mentors are successful veterans in the industry and are on-call to assist you with answers to your questions, guidance with transactions, and communication skills with the public and clients.

With your passion for success in the real estate market, adherence to the REALTOR's Code of Ethics, and our extensive training, you are certain to succeed as a real estate agent at RE/MAX DFW Associates. Protection Status